In compliance with the requirement of Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, MR Electrical Services Ltd are effectively discharging their statutory duties by preparing a written Health and Safety Policy. A copy of the policy and associated employee handbook, which outline our health and safety arrangements and organisational structure, are held at MR Electrical Services Ltd’s main place of business.

MR Electrical Services Ltd are aware that in order to ensure the health and safety policy is maintained effectively; it is essential that all references and information are up-todate and accurate. Should any changes occur within the business e.g. introduction of new processes or systems etc. or, if changes occur that impact on the organisation of health and safety responsibilities, a nominated representative will liaise with Citation plc, whose Health and Safety Consultants will advise on any policy updates that are needed and arrange for such amendments to be forwarded.

The health and safety policy will be constantly monitored by management and reviewed at the time of annual inspection. In addition, arrangements within the policy will be reviewed if accident trends or the findings of any management inspections raise concerns.

In order for MR Electrical Services Ltd to discharge its statutory duties, employees are required by law, to co-operate with management in all matters concerning the health, safety and welfare of themselves and any other person who may be affected by their acts or omissions whilst at work. MR Electrical Services Ltd encourages all employees to inform management of any areas of the health and safety policy that they feel are inadequate or misrepresented to ensure that the policy is maintained as a true working document.