Energy Efficient and Intelligent Lighting

The combination of inefficient lamps and lights unnecessarily being left on account for a huge amount of wasted energy and, ultimately, money.

Lighting Audits

M.R. Electrical can offer free Lighting Audits for commercial premises. We can give you running costs of existing lighting systems and provide a detailed report of suggestions on how this can be improved. Upgrading the lighting system, dramatically improves the quality of light as well as reduced running costs can be achieved.

The report will also show the payback period (Return on Investment).

P.I.R (Occupancy, Daylight Sensing, Dimming)

Further energy savings can be achieved by installing intelligent lighting controls. By replacing conventional switching systems with P.I.R. detection units that sense movement and how much natural light is present in the area. This saves energy, improves lamp life, and reduces maintenance costs.


LED has now evolved to the point where it is just as bright as halogen and fluorescent lamps at the same time as generating impressive energy savings. L.E.Ds also have an average 50,000 hours operating lifetime.

We have recently installed L.E.D. fittings, combined with PIR and 10% dimming to corridor areas and stairwells at Portsmouth University. This has provided an enormous amount of energy savings.