Energy Efficient Heating

The majority of UK homes have a boiler and radiators. If not, they will probably have electric storage heaters. These work by heating up overnight using cheaper off-peak electricity, and then give out the heat during the day (whether you need it or not). Electric storage heating is more common in homes with no mains gas connection, in flats or in rented property.

The problem is electric storage heating is one of the most expensive heating options in the UK, and it also emits more carbon dioxide than most. It is also harder to control electric storage heaters, especially with older systems.

If you have a system like this, you have several options for improvements:

The simplest and cheapest will be to review the controls.

If you cannot replace your storage heaters right now, then you need to get a good understanding of how to use the controls, without wasting energy and making your bills even higher.

Look out the thermostats and controls you can use with storage heaters to save energy.

If this is not possible, you require a more advanced control system. For that you will need to think about...

Upgrading your electric heaters

If you cannot install a whole new central heating system, M.R. Electrical Services can offer options for installing new, more controllable energy efficient heaters, together with improved controls. New energy efficient heaters can be quite pricey, but can be cheaper to install than central heating, and you don’t have to replace them all at once.

The heat output of modern energy efficient  heaters are  more controllable, so you can heat a room up more quickly or keep it cool if you’re not using it. Modern controls can automatically set the input and output settings, based on your preferred room temperature, the actual room temperature and even the temperature outside.

M.R. Electrical Services will be happy to discuss all the options available to you.